About Warwick and Leamington LETS

What is LETS and what does it aim to do?
A Local Exchange and Trading System is a non-profit making, mutual trading system. It allows us to exchange our time and our skills to benefit each other and the community.

Who can join?
Absolutely everyone in Warwick District can join: businesses, voluntary groups and individuals, young and old. The LETSystem values the many skills and goods each of us has to offer and helps the local community help itself. Join online

What kinds of skills are on offer?
Some examples of skills on offer are:

How are skills traded?
Trading is done in units of exchange which we call 'Oaks'. Members 'buy' these services and arrange a price with the person doing the work. The charge is in 'Oaks' (or a mix of Oaks and sterling). Members can transfer Oaks electronically via this website. The amount is then deducted form one account and credited to the other - all held on computer. Any Oaks that you earn are spendable with anyone on the system.

How do I know of the skills on offer?
Members can use this site to search for skills, services, and one-time offers.

How do I keep up with my account?
Detailed statements are available on-line, and on request

Contact us Felicity Rock newmembers@leamlets.org.uk